Recent Projects

I like to work with product teams to answer complex questions and increase certainty around business decisions. I've traversed a broad set of industries from food delivery to banking.

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Helping a global automotive manufacturer diversify away from Cars

With autonomy rapidly approaching and car ownership dropping, how might car manufacturers stay relevant? I helped Plan's client to explore smart city opportunities, leading user and expert interviews, concierge prototyping and idea generation workshops.


Optimising the flow of information and food in Deliveroo's kitchens

Deliveroo has built delivery-only kitchens so that restaurants can operate in underserved neighbourhoods. I used ethnographic research to help Editions product and ops teams to identify inefficiencies and regional challenges.


Building an AI-driven room-pricing tool for hotel managers

Understanding the property revenue management workflow of hotel managers helped me to design and rapidly prototype the first live iteration of Pace. This helped the machine learning start-up  to acquire their first 30 customers and raise a £2.5M funding round.


Growing customer centric teams and processes in a tech start-up

At DueDil, we were building a business data product for a diverse set of users. I worked on focusing our product and distribution efforts on specific customer profiles, built a team to learn more about our customers and another to rapidly prototype and validate product functionality on live clients.